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Hakbijl Glass is a supplier of high quality glassware and lifestyle products in both classic and contemporary design.

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Hakbijl Glass always managed to find the perfect creative balance to appeal to both the florists market as well as the decorative market with its products.

Hakbijl Glass is a European leader in the design and sale of decorative glassware, such as vases, bowls and pots. We operate worldwide and sell to flower shops, garden centers, grocery stores, gift shops and home shops.


hakbijl glass

High quality glass products  with their own look and feel, suitable for both classic as modern and trendy interiors, always keeping quality and design in mind. Focal point of this collection is the beautiful clear glass.

hakbijl HKB

Design and craftmanship and an eternal focus on perfection with regard to shape and finishing. With each product being made by the hands of true craftsmen, no two are the same, making your product truly one of a kind.

hakbijl lifestyle

Carefully composed collections based on the latest trends in home fashion. These collections are based on the four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. In winter the focus is on Christmas.

hakbijl favorites

These favorites are essential to a glass collection and are always available from stock. Well known series like the Cooper, Cosmo and Conner are not only available in clear glass, but in also many trendy colors. Whether you would like to have a hurricane or a flower pot, these favorites are multi-functional.

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